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My LHOP journey started in June of that time I was also seeing another trainer.  He was hard! Brothers wasn't easy but Coach Kim was patient caring and understanding.


While at the other coach, I  had an incident that tore the meniscus muscle in my left knee. At that time Coach Kim said you need stop going to him......I  did.....not only have I  lost 30lbs but my knee has healed!


LHOP Fitness was there for me! Coach Kim didn't let me give up, even though the pain was unbearable at times. She modified my routines accordingly! She contacted me everyday to make sure I  was fine. She even made sure I  kept my doctors appointments.


LHOP Fitness is more than a personal trainer.....its a lifestyle!

And coach Kim is the best teacher to show you how to live it!!!

Ms G, AKA Beast Mode

The LHOP Fitness program offered customize training that allowed me to strengthen my body and weak knees. In the beginning of my fitness journey, my exercises were modified because I couldn't move as flexible as the group.  Kim modified exercises an equipment to match my skill level.


The LHOP Team encouraged me and my confidence grew to give 100% in order to reach my goals.

Step by step, the pounds began to come off, the knees got stronger and I was deliberately eating healthy on purpose. I never thought I would be tossing tires, flexing ropes, lifting weights and  getting a "fitness high" from it. Almost a year later, I'm 2 sizes smaller, 35 pounds lighter and on my way to living a healthier lifestyle.


My mantra is "BEAST MODE,  Can't Stop,   Won't Stop."

So if you've been thinking about changing your body and getting a healthier mindset but don't know how, LHOP Fitness can help you. Kim's certified training program and the encouragement of  the LHOP Fitness Family is PRICELESS.

This is my testimonial. Nice website.


"When I first joined LHOP back in November, I thought that I would be the same size forever and that I would quit just like all of the other times I started to lose weight. I could barely do a sit-up. Then, something began to change in me. I changed my diet, and I actually started to enjoy coming to LHOP on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Coach Kimberly, pushed and encouraged me to do more than I did before, and I met a lot of great and positive people who encouraged me also. As we speak, I am wearing a pair of pants that I couldn't even zip up this time last year. LHOP is not just a physical change, it's a whole life change!" 

Locita dixon

Hello my name is Locita Dixon,  Kimberly Marshall has been my personal fitness instructor, since May of 2016. Her expertise and persistence in this capacity has been helpful in my weight loss journey. 

Kim’s indescribable workouts are matched by a wonderful sense of humor, and her vigorous drive is inspirational.

Under Kimberly’s care, I have improved remarkably with her experience in physical fitness. As a consequence of her expertise I have slimmed down and have built muscles that I never knew existed. I have also witnessed some of Kimberly’s other clients, and the transformation is impeccable. 

When I work out with Kimberly, every day is refreshing. She kept the workouts exciting and unique.  The combination of her cardiovascular training with weight exercises is unprecedented.  She is knowledgeable and skilled in this field. 

Kimberly’s training help build me in mind body and spirit. Training with her has improved my life 100%. I highly recommend her as instructor, trainer, or consultant. 

Hello my name is Courtney Joyner.  Back in October 2016, I was at my heaviest weight of 230 pounds and taking high blood pressure pills. I was 48 years old and knew that I needed to do something to get my weight and health under control.  It wasn’t until me and my husband went on a Jazz Cruise with Kim and Tommy and Kim handed me this bright lime green bracelet.  


The bracelet read “Living Healthy on Purpose (LHOP), You vs. You.”  As crazy as it sounds, it was something about that bracelet that made a light bulb/spark ignite in me.   So, that November 2016, I started my weight loss journey with LHOP.  I worked out 2 days a week with LHOP and began to change my diet with healthy meal plans and food suggestions provided by Kim.  


You see, Kim is not just a workout coach, she’s a daily motivational provider, a daily nutrition provider with meal prep and recipe ideas, an in your face pushing you to work harder trainer, and a congratulatory friend when you reach your goals.  


LHOP with Kim is the complete package.  I’m proud to say that it is now August 2017, and my current weight is 187 pounds, and I have a completely different attitude about health.  I still wear/carry my bracelet till this day and will not stop, because that bracelet is a constant reminder of where I was.    


I’m Courtney Joyner and “I’m Living Healthy On Purpose!”  Thanks Kimberly Marshall for creating LHOP, standing fast and charging forward in the task of changing so many lives.  

Courtney Joyner

After sitting on the couch and watching for months, almost a year, I decided to do something about my weight and unhealthy eating.  Sooooo I finally replied to one of Coach Kim's text.....she never gave up on me, she stayed in touch and always always sent encouraging words.  Fast forward.....I joined LHOP Fitness and I stayed committed.  It was almost unbelievable to look in the mirror and see change before my very eyes, change that took place daily.  How bout it was not just the EXERCISE but the EDUCATION .......I learned how to eat to live and the exercise gave me energy and toned up my be a 52 year old woman, I've never received so many I'm proud to say I'm LHOP Strong and educated.  Trust me, if you're looking for change, you're in the right place, get off the couch and get your sexy back.

Tamara david

In January 2017 I started training with LHOPFITNESS. However, I started working out again on my own in June 2016. When I came to Kim I had already lost 111pds! I started with Kim because even though I had already lost some weight I needed that extra push from a Trainer! Not only does she push me she holds me accountable for my actions! She keeps everyone motivated and is always giving us nutrient advice! Since starting with Kim I have lost a total of 29 pds.  The women at LHOP Fitness are so... great! Everyone gets along with each other and motivate one another. I'm  so..excited to see what else LHOP Fitness has in store for me! 

pamela moore

About 2 1/2 years ago. Kim texted me about JJ Smith's The 10 day greem smoothie cleanse that she read about. Kim was so passionate about the cleanse that I decided to join her. Some of the smoothies were delicious and some not so much. However, I didn't give up I kept going. Shortly before the cleanse could end Kim was throwing out different food challenges. 


I said I'm in, but not real serious.  Out of no where she started saying it's time to get your body moving.  Now I'm giving her the side eye. Before I knew it Kim had me in a park exercising doing a BOOT CAMP ! 


Kim is a very loving, caring and unselfish person. Always concerned about others. The more I didn't take my eating and exercising serious, the more Kim pushed me and encouraged me to keep moving. Just as I was about to give up, Kim said it's You vs. You. If you Change your Mind you Change your Body.  I promise you can do it. 


I began to eat clean as she instructed. All I could hear all day ringing in my ear was Kim saying DON'T MAKE THIS HARDER THEN IT IS. YOU GOT THIS !  As time passed I hung in there and the results began to show. 


Kim is not only my coach she's my inspiration. So professional, so caring and oh so loving. If you want to change your mind get off the couch, trust me your body will thank you later. I'm thankful I went from the green smoothie cleanse to being kidnapped and it feels good. Education is power and Kim gave me power through education, determination and dedication.

brenda bowden
Justine Tolson

This journey started for me in 2014 when Kim was doing the 10 Green Smoothie cleanse. I was detailed to MPDC CIC unit after having 4 major surgeries back to back! Of course being bed ridden, eating whatever was convenient and the numerous amounts of meds meant a tremendous amount of weight gain resulting in a whopping 367lbs! By the time I retired in the first picture I was facing a decision for a gastric bypass surgery for my health...I thought! 


I remember Kim telling me, "Justine you don't need no surgery; I want you to try something for me"! All I know is I told God, "I don't want to die like this"! Kim walked with me facilitating for months and then I'm 2016 I decided to try it! It's been a journey but I've lost over 80lbs and I'm not finished yet! I e learned to eat healthy and to exercise for my goals because everyone is different!


Kim is more than just a friend & sister! She is a true motivator, a catalyst for anyone wanting to reach their goal to live healthy on purpose! She's been life changing and her individual methods of training for each client is phenomenal at best! If you're serious about living your life to the fullest and doing everything to be healthy for those you love...Kim is the trainer you need to get your there! Thank you Kim for investing in my life and helping me to "Change my mind so I could change my body"...

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